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Lenticular prints are composed of a clear, corrugated plastic lens array, overlaying an interlaced print, allowing for Motion and 3D effects to be appreciated. Progressive designers and print buyers are able to leverage lenticular print's unique effects to impress their customers with a highly distinctive communication and marketing tool that has proven to deliver significantly more impact for every dollar spent.

Bart Kelsey is a lenticular prepress and print specialist. The High Definition (HD) Lenticular Printing category of products are produced in Melbourne, Australia. Specifications for this category include:

  • UV CMYK offset litho printing directly onto the plastic stock
  • Lightfast UV inks
  • Maximum finished thickness ~0.55 mm
  • Maximum print size 280 x 310 mm (dependent on lens design & lens direction)

Small format, short run, digital lenticular printing is produced by SnapilyPro. Such products can be ordered directly from SnapilyPro via a link on this website. Alternatively, order from the Short Run Digital Lenticular Printing category to have Bart Kelsey manage your project.

Large format single or mutli-panel lenticular prints are produced by Photogram Technologies. Bart Kelsey is Photogram's Australian representative. All quotes & invoices are issued by Photogram.

Bring your creative ideas to life with Motion effects (Flip, Morph, Animation, Zoom, and HD video grab), 3D effects (depth), or combined effects which will engage, captivate, and entertain. Lenticular print will provide you with a greater opportunity to communicate your message, and in a novel way.

To stand out from the crowd using lenticular print, please contact Bart Kelsey to assist you create a memorable direct mail or promotional piece to help drive sales.

Prospective trade customers are invited to register their business details which will assist Bart Kelsey to respond to custom quote requests. 


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