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Lenticular prints feature a clear, almost imperceptible, corrugated plastic lens array overlaying a "special" print, which allows Motion and 3D effects to be appreciated. Progressive designers and print buyers are able to leverage lenticular print's unique effects to impress their customers with a highly distinctive communication and marketing tool that has proven to deliver significantly more impact for every dollar spent.

Bart Kelsey is a lenticular prepress and print specialist. As a customer you'll communicate directly with him and rest assured that he is the one performing your file mastering, proofing and overseeing the printing. Bart Kelsey prints your work at Australia's leading plastic printing company, using the finest USA lenticular plastic, all to ensure premium quality results.

Bart Kelsey's lenticular 3D and Motion printing solutions are offered as a trade service to print buyers (graphic designers, creative agencies, printers & brokers) in Australia, and unrestricted to customers outside Australia.  

Printing: UV Litho 4 colour          Maximum Size: 314 x 468 mm          Maximum Lens Thickness: 0.46 mm          Production: Melbourne

Bring your creative ideas to life with Motion effects (Flip, Morph, Animation, Zoom, or up to 2-3 seconds of video), 3D effects (depth), or combined effects which will engage, captivate, and entertain. Lenticular print will provide you with a greater opportunity to communicate your message, and in a novel way.

To stand out from the crowd using lenticular print, please contact Bart Kelsey to assist you create a memorable promotional piece and help drive sales.

Prospective customers are invited to register their business details which will assist Bart Kelsey to respond to quote requests. 


 -Large Format Lenticular Posters & Murals

Photogram Technologies is a world leading lenticular technology special effects studio with head office and manufacturing located in Montreal, Canada. Photogram's patented DRIP system is the most advanced high definition lenticular prepress processing software in the world today, capable of accommodating significantly more image frames on equivalent lens designs than its nearest competitors, thus achieving more Flip frames, deeper 3D, and smoother motion effects for Animations and Zooms. 

Bart Kelsey is Photogram Technologies' contact in Australia for enquiries relating to large format lenticular posters & murals. 


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