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Lenticular print leverages creative, unique effects to generate higher returns for advertisers. Lenticular print has proven to deliver significantly more impact for every dollar spent. (Source -HumanEyes).

Lenticular printing is a special process which conveys Motion and depth effects in printed material without the need for wires, batteries, or optical aids. It allows designers to expand their creative horizons and dazzle customers with captivating graphics. Inventories of image assets can be revived by converting flat 2D artwork to 3D to reinvigorate brands and campaigns. 

Bart Kelsey provides a lenticular trade printing service for printers, print brokers, artists, graphic designers and creative agencies in Australia. Sales to overseas customers is unrestricted and welcome.

Bart Kelsey makes the creative process simple by providing clear artwork guidelines which ensure the best possible result. Let us bring your creative artwork to life with Motion and/or 3D effects which will engage, captivate, and entertain. By presenting more pictures on the same piece of flat real estate than a traditional static print, lenticular print will provide you with a greater opportunity to communicate your message, and in a novel way.

We offer the entire suite of lenticular special effects including 3D, Motion (Flip, Morph, Animation, Zoom, or Video Grab), and combined effects. Production is based in Melbourne, Australia and we can ship most projects within 3-4 weeks.

Our past jobs include pharmaceutical, transport, entertainment, communication, retail, tobacco, mining, dairy, finance, energy, science, and other industry sectors.

If you want to stand out from the pack, please talk to us about how we can assist you to create a memorable promotional piece and help drive sales.

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Bart Kelsey manages the sales of large format inkjet lenticular printing on behalf of Photogram Technologies in Australasia to both trade and non-trade customers alike. Single inkjet printed panels up to 1168 W x 2388 H mm are possible on 3.2 mm lenticular plastic, whilst tiling of panels allows for larger format murals (indoor environments only). Prints can be either front lit or back lit.

Photogram Technologies -a world leading lenticular technology special effects studio with head office and manufacturing located in Montreal, Canada. Photogram's patented DRIP system is the most advanced HD lenticular RIP in the world today, capable of accommodating significantly more image frames on equivalent lens designs than its nearest competitors, thus achieving more Flip frames, deeper 3D, and smoother motion effects for Animations and Zooms. 

Click here to read about the World's Largest Tiled Animated Lenticular Wall Mural at Austin, Texas Abia Airport, made by Photogram.

Click here to view a video of examples. 


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