About Us

Bart Kelsey has specialised in the field of lenticular 3D and motion printing since 2002.
His interest in lenticular 3D was piqued when still an Orthoptics student using such prints in the clinical assessment of stereoscopic perception. By the beginning of the 90's he was a keen amateur 3D photographer and member of the Victorian 3D Society. By the end of the decade he had graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Photography. After a spell at a university hospital medical photography department, Bart completed an honours year motivated by the emerging opportunities in 3D visualisation in the fields of photography, cinematography, science, entertainment and print communication. 
In 2002, Bart began trading as a lenticular printing consultant specialising in 3D photography, lenticular prepress and lenticular printing. Customers included highly regarded plastic printers in both lithographic and digital fields.
For some years he operated a niche business selling lenticular print under his own business name utilising the resources of some of these particular printing companies. Later, he was appointed a lenticular plastic sales representative in the region for Lenticular Plastic Companies.
Along the journey, he teamed up with Photogram Technologies to fill a production void amongst Australian printers. The relationship continues to this day supplying high quality lenticular products and services to Australia as fewer printers remain in this specialised space.
In mid 2015, Bart launched a digital lenticular trade printing service to cater for small format, low volume demand. However in early March 2017 he switched from digital to the higher resolution offered by UV offset printing for higher volume jobs.