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Lenticular printing can be at least 4 times the price of normal printing! I do not routinely provide samples first up since what typically happens is once the agency presents pricing to their client the proposal goes no further. If you successfully jump the price hurdle then I'll happily provide free samples (within Australia) by priority mail. However, if you require samples urgently and are prepared to pay the postage, then navigate to Categories >Sample Pack (Express Post) > Add to Cart > Checkout Now, and choose your payment method.
The minimum order quantity for HD litho printing is 4,000 Postcards | 4,000 Wide Event Passes | 5,000 Bookmarks | 10,000 Business Cards/Gift Cards. Though fewer can be supplied the price point may be unsatisfactory. Printed in Australia.
The minimum order quantity for inkjet printing (A2 or larger) by Photogramtech is a single unit, but a minimum of 10 is recommended to spread the setup cost and freight. Shipped from Canada.
For digital printing by SnapilyPro  (e.g. business cards, invitiations, bookmarks, postcards, etc.), the minimum order is USD $15 plus shipping & taxes. Largest recommended size is A5. Shipped from Israel.
Since nearly every job is different it’s easier all round if you simply provide the specifications and I’ll quote on that basis. Note that the number of frames or layers of depth doesn’t effect the price. See "Lenticular Postcards" for indicative pricing.
The minimum order quantity for inkjet printing produced by Photogram Technologies is a single unit. Pricing starts at around $1,000 for ~A2 size, and $2,700 for a ~1.2 W x 2.4 H m panel, plus shipping & taxes. The first print bears all the prepress and setup costs. It is therefore recommended that a significant number of copies be ordered to evenly distribute this cost, and bring down the per unit price.
The minimum order quantity for digitally printed lenticular produced by SnapilyPro is USD $15 plus shipping & taxes. 
A high resolution, colour proof is included in offset (litho) lenticular print quotes.
A surcharge applies for hard copy proofs produced by Photogram Technologies.
One can simply order a single print valued above USD $15 from SnapilyPro to gauge their print quality.
For offset (litho) jobs, please Zip your artwork and email me a download link (e.g. Hightail, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.) or use my Dropbox upload link which is located at the bottom of the quote/invoice. 
For inkjet jobs to be produced by Photogram Technologies, please Zip your artwork and email me a download link (e.g. Hightail, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.).
For digital offset jobs to be produced by SnapilyPro, upload your artwork directly to the website.
Yes. Please inform us of your requirements and shipping location by filling in the Contact Us form and we'll provide you with a quote. Note that we only accept payment by telegraphic transfer outside of Australia. Payment terms are prepaid.
Yes. Please inform us that you intend to pay by credit card so that the invoice is prepared including the applicable surcharge fee of 2.68%. We will email you a PayPal Request for Money which you can then pay with your credit card -no PayPal account is required.
Provided sufficient lenticular plastic is on hand, it typically takes a minimum of 10 days from receiving your purchase order to the job arriving at the press. In the interim the approval process of soft and hard proofing is completed. Delays in approval will obviously delay commencement of the production run. The production time from the start of printing to job completion is influenced by:
  1. Quantity
  2. One or two sided print, and if variable data printing on the back is required.
  3. The simplicity or complexity of post press finishing such as mounting of backing substrates (film, card, magnet, or adhesive), cutting (guillotining, forme-cutting, die-cutting, and hole punching), and any folding, gluing, wrapping, bundling, and labelling requirements.
A single sided, guillotined print job requires ~17 days from final approval to dispatch.
A two sided, guillotined print job requires ~23 days from final approval to dispatch.
Special post press finishing can add up to 14 days to the timings of the aforementioned single and two sided pieces.
Although I have perfect positional control on the computer, in the printing environment there are many variables at play and positional variation is normal throughout the run. We strive to control colour and ensure the flip effect works nicely, but do NOT guarantee image position. Customers must understand that for hand-held pieces the first image they see depends on the angle at which they hold the piece versus their line of sight. Nobody will pick up the lenticular print the same way and at the same angle, thus creating yet ANOTHER variation that is not under our control. It is NOT possible in the world of lenticular lithographic printing to guarantee the supply of all printed pieces with the desired image in the desired position unless I TRIPLE OR MORE the printing quantity (and price!) and then do a manual selection of prints that meet the customer’s criteria - and then the customer will still be facing the fact that everyone will hold this "perfect" flip differently, thus not providing what they wanted anyway.
You may also have encountered 3D prints in the past which were difficult to look at. Usually, the reason for this is not a fault in the design, but due to where the print has "landed" under the lens. If the last frame of the 3D sequence is seen from straight on, then the next adjacent frame is the first frame, and it's this jump from the last to the first frame which looks odd and is uncomfortable to view. This occurrence is quite normal and common in lenticular 3D printing. Such prints are deemed usable as the beholder only needs to rotate the print slightly left or right for comfortable viewing.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I recommend customers allow up to 7 working days for a mechanical proof after submission of their artwork, order, and deposit payment receipt. Thereafter, production time is typically 3-4 weeks depending on the quantity and nature of the finishing steps involved. I cannot guarantee completion of time critical jobs shorter than the aforementioned timing due to circumstances that can arise beyond my control.

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