HD Litho Lenticular Printing

High Definition, Lithographic Lenticular Print Service

Australian production

Lenticular effect: Flip, Morph, Zoom, Animation, HD Video, or 3D                [Front side only]

Lenticular lens: 75 LPI 0.46 mm or 100 LPI 0.35 mm        

Front side print: Full colour (CMYK) or Black & White

Backside print: None, Black (K) or Full colour (CMYK) + matte varnish

Backside material options: White synthetic paper, silver or gold film, double-sided adhesive, 0.4 mm magnet, 3 mm sponge, or 1 mm rubber 

Proofing: GIF movie and a hard copy mock up print

Maximum Size: A3 portrait -dependent on the design


          Size:                                            Min. Qty    CMYK 1 side:           CMYK 2 sides:

  • 86x54 mm / 90x55 mm                  10,000         from  $0.59 ea.        from  $0.68 ea.
  • 150x100 mm                                   3,000         from  $1.95 ea.        from  $2.27 ea.
  • A3 poster                                              500         from $11.70 ea.       from $13.61 ea.
  • Coasters; 95x95 mm or round          4,500         from  $1.59 ea. 3mm sponge base    
  • Wobblers; 95x95 mm or round face 4,500         from  $2.05 ea. T-bar with tape      
  • Bookmarks; 145x54 mm                   5,000         from  $1.15 ea.        from  $1.34 ea.
  • Event Passes; 140 x 85.5 mm          3,000          P.O.A.                        P.O.A.

Unit price reduces with increasing quantity. Additional charges apply for 3D, Morph, and combined effects, forme/die cutting, and delivery. Prices ex. GST. 



  • GIF movie: 1-2 business days -allow up to 4 days for 3D effects
  • Colour proof: Inkjet 2 days | High resolution print 4 days after GIF approval
  • Production time: generally up to 3 weeks from final approval, depending on the quantity & finishing requirements, plus delivery

Payment Terms

  • 30% deposit with PO. Balance due COD prior to dispatch of goods


  • DL is uneconomical. Recommended size is 188 W x 99 H mm (effect changing top-to-bottom) or 210 W x 90 H mm (effect changing left-to-right).
  • A5 is uneconomical. Recommended size is 188 W x 148 H mm (effect changing top-to-bottom) or 210 W x 122 H mm (effect changing left-to-right).
  • A4 is uneconomical. Recommended size is 188 W x 297 H mm (effect changing left-to-right).

2-Image Flip effect left-to-right               Star Wars 3D            Event Pass            

                                                2-Image Flip Effect top-to-bottom                                              Zoom effect                           

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