Lenticular Coasters

Lenticular coasters are great promotional items with excellent durability and practicality.

Coasters are typically found residing on table or bar tops, which provides an opportunity for the target audience to interact with them and be entertained whilst waiting for their drinks to be served. They're also perceived as a 'freebie' hence expanding their reach into homes for family and friends to see.

Lenticular coasters typically feature a full colour (CMYK) lenticular effect on the front and the option of either a 3 mm sponge or 1 mm natural rubber base. Alternatively, the underside can be printed and laminated with a non-slip film.

Standard shapes are 95 mm round, or 95 mm square with round corners.

Recommended minimum order quantity: 9,000 units.

Lead Time:

  1. QuickTime movie simulated effect ~1-4 business days
  2. Colour Proof                                  ~4 business days after QuickTime movie approval
  3. Production                                     ~4 weeks from final approval 

Special Notes:

  1. Prints are intended to be viewed flat unless otherwise specified
  2. Do not expose to heat above 65 degrees C, therefore lenticular coasters are unsuitable for hot beverages

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