Lenticular Gift Cards | Loyalty Cards | Membership Cards

A premium lenticular gift card, loyalty card, or membership card puts a pocket size dynamic billboard in your customer's hands. These Motion cards have both an intrinsic and redeemable value, and relay strong brand reinforcement with every use.

These days, gift card, loyalty card, and membership programs are offered by all major retailers and industry sectors including grocery, alcohol, clothing, hardware, fuel, aviation, hotel & resort, leisure & entertainment, health, sport & recreation, etc. This provides one of the few opportunities which allows your target market to actually carry your self promotion on their person so it's imperative to make a resoundingly good impression, and what better way than with a premium lenticular motion card?

Gift card buying also presents an opportunity to stand out from the competition. We've all stood before a wall of cards that are competing for our attention. It is at this point of purchase that the lenticular gift card stands out from the crowd, first attracting our attention, inviting interaction, entertaining and closing the deal with its greater offering.

The lenticular gift card may feature a flip effect where one image changes to another, a motion effect such as an animation, morph, time-lapse, 2-3 seconds of video, or a 3D depth effect.

Recommended minimum order quantity: 20,000 units.

Lead Time:

  1. QuickTime movie simulated effect ~1-4 business days
  2. Colour Proof                                  ~4 business days after QuickTime movie approval
  3. Production                                     ~4 weeks from final approval 

Special Notes:

  1. Prints are intended to be viewed flat unless otherwise specified
  2. Do not expose to heat above 65 degrees C

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