Lenticular Packaging

Packaging's function is no longer limited to containing and protecting the product. Packaging has become a primary tool for product vendors to prevail in the "sales per square foot" war. Attractive, stand out packaging is a vendor's last opportunity to influence the buyer's decision making process.

Lenticular prints can be integrated with packaging in the form of on onserts, sleeve slips (e.g. CD, DVD, and Blu-ray cases), book and magazine covers, hang sell header cards with Mexican hat hole, bottle neck ties, etc. Luxury items such as perfumes, spirits, and wines may be presented in unique lenticular printed, plastic boxes.

As customers wander the aisles perusing the countless static packages, the dynamic motion of a lenticular package naturally captures their attention and invites interaction.

Lenticular covers are often used as an upsell tool offering a premium packaged version of a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray title. In a study which presented participants with a CD cover -one with a 3D graphic and one without -participants were willing to pay 16% more for the 3D version. (Source -HumanEyes).

Printing, forme-cutting, creasing, perforating, gluing and folding is achievable all under the one roof.

Lenticular Effect: Motion (Flip, Morph, Zoom), 3D, or combined effects



Lead Time:

  1. QuickTime movie simulated effect ~1-4 business days
  2. Colour Proof                                  ~4 business days after QuickTime movie approval
  3. Production                                     ~3-4 weeks from final approval 

Special Notes:

  1. Prints are intended to be viewed flat unless otherwise specified
  2. Do not expose to heat above 65 degrees C


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