Lenticular Counter Strut Card

Lenticular strut cards feature a full colour lenticular effect on the front, a 2 mm thick screenboard backing card for rigidity, and a foldable strut

Strut cards are an eye catching counter display often used to inform customers of a new product release, new packaging, or simply to maximise the use of available counter or shelf space by incorporating more images in the same area of a conventional print.

Lenticular effects such as a 2 or 3-Flip, Morph, Zoom, 3D, or combined effects cater for people walking past the display.

Backing card & strut are available in white or black.

Standard size: A5; 148 W x 210 H mm

Recommended minimum order quantity: 4,000 units.


Lead Time:

  1. QuickTime movie simulated effect ~1-4 business days
  2. Colour Proof                                  ~4 business days after QuickTime movie approval
  3. Production                                     ~4 weeks from final approval 

Special Notes:

  1. Prints are intended to be viewed flat unless otherwise specified
  2. Do not expose to heat above 65 degrees C

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