Lenticular Wobblers (Shelf Talkers) & Shelf Strips

Lenticular wobblers (shelf talkers) are a simple yet effective in-store shelf display which captures shopper's attention in a cluttered retail environment.

The lenticular face component (typically 90-100mm square/round) is attached to a flexible T-bar component. Custom shapes can be accommodated. Arm length will neet to be determined in order to wobble appropriately.

Recommended min. order qty: 9,000 

Lead Time:

  1. QuickTime movie simulated effect ~1-4 business days
  2. Colour Proof                                  ~4 business days after QuickTime movie approval
  3. Production                                     ~19 days from final approval 

Special Notes:


  1. Do not expose to heat above 65 degrees C

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