Large Format Inkjet Lenticular Printing

Bart Kelsey offers Australian and Canadian production services for lenticular posters.

  1. Australian production: up to 1200 W x 1800 H mm / Motion effects, but not 3D / retail use quality
  2. Canadian production: single panels up to 1200 W x 2400 H mm / tiled murals / Motion & 3D effects / art gallery quality


  -Large Format Lenticular Posters & Murals

Photogramtech is a world leading lenticular technology special effects studio with head office and manufacturing located in Montreal, Canada. Photogramtech's patented DRIP system is the most advanced high definition lenticular prepress processing software in the world today, capable of accommodating significantly more image frames on equivalent lens designs than its nearest competitors, thus achieving more Flip frames, deeper 3D, and smoother motion effects for Animations and Zooms. 

Bart Kelsey is Photogramtech's contact in Australia for enquiries relating to large format lenticular posters & murals, and high volume litho offset printing.

Two inkjet printing processes are offered:

1. Print & Mount

  • Art gallery quality
  • Maximum single panel size of 1168 W x 2388 H mm
  • Multi-panel murals possible
  • Indoor suitability only
  • Lens thickness: 1.57 - 3 mm

2. Flatbed Print Directly Onto Lens

  • Bus shelter quality
  • Maximum single panel size 1200 W x 2400H mm
  • Indoor suitability mostly, and short duration outdoor campaigns
  • Lens thickness: 1.57 - 3 mm

Prices start at $1,000 Canadian dollars (A2 size), plus shipping, duty & taxes.

Click here to read about the World's Largest Tiled Animated Lenticular Wall Mural at Austin, Texas Abia Airport, made by Photogramtech.



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