A6 -148W x 105H mm, 2-FLIP top-to-bottom, K/0, GIF proof

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Design tips, click here.


Flip, Animation, or Video motion effects


We accept Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Acrobat (PDF), and After Effects files. Most movie file formats such as Quicktime and mpeg are fine.

Supply in Gray or RGB colour mode at 300 ppi.

-Beware that captured footage may have insufficient resolution beyond postcard size, unless it is HD or 4K.

-If you're rendering footage, then please ensure it has sufficient resolution for high print quality.

Set up the file at the trim size plus 3 mm on all four sides.

Any important elements such as text or logos should be postioned at least 3 mm inside the trims.

-Outline all fonts.

- -Font size should be at least 12 points

- -Avoid italic and Serif font styles for small text

-If supplying a Photoshop file, please rasterize text and leave on its own layer.

-If using an online design tool such as Canva.com, turn bleeds on in Canva 2.0 (File >Show Print Bleed) whilst designing, and download your file as "PDF Print" file type. Check it is correct before sending to us.

Zip your file, or project folder, or place individual TIF files in a folder and Zip.

Send us a download link or upload to our DropBox link which appears on your invoice.




(i)  3D photographers and 3D renderers: please provide your 16 frame image sequence.

(ii) Others: please provide a layered Photoshop file with each element on its own transparent layer.

(Note: This 3D product does not include our 2D-to-3D modelling service).




Within a 3D application, create the frames by rendering a view from a virtual camera at each of 16 equal incremental steps along a linear path in the 3D virtual environment.

Move the camera from right to left.

Maintain the camera perpendicular to the rail, i.e. don’t converge the camera upon a fixed target.

Assemble the rendered images in a layered file e.g. Adobe Photoshop.

Superimpose the same key element from each layer which you want to appear at the print plane. This element will appear sharpest and without movement in the 3D print.

Crop the left and right sides to delete non-stereoscopic regions.

The canvas size must have an extra 3 mm on all four sides than the final trim size.

Supply either in Gray or RGB colour mode at 300 ppi. Zip the layered Photoshop file or place the individual TIF files in a folder and Zip.

Send us a download link or upload to our DropBox link which appears on your invoice.

The recommended maximum horizontal parallax separation between frame 1 and frame 16:


Print Width        Near Parallax    Far Parallax

100-210 mm        10 mm            15 mm

300-420 mm        12 mm            25 mm


  • Layered Photoshop document
  • 11-16 mm extra image detail beyond the trims on both the left & right sides, plus 3 mm bleed all around
  • Remove all layer Groups
  • Do NOT flatten layers; text, logos and objects must be accessible
  • Layers should be ordered in sequence and appropriately labelled
  • The more layers the better the 3D effect
  • Layer names should contain only English letters and numbers
  • Layer Blending mode must be set to Normal
  • Layer Opacity is supported (0% - 100% slider)
  • Flatten all layer effects (File->Scripts-> Flatten All Layer Effects)
  • Flatten all Masks (File->Scripts-> Flatten All Masks)
  • Merge all Adjustment Layers
  • Rasterize all Smart layers
  • Remove Alpha Channels
  • Horizontal and vertical lines must be at least 0.3 mm thick if they're to remain visible at all times.
  • Do not place text over elements which will project forward of the print surface
  • Rasterize all Vector/Text Layers
  • Save in Maximum compatibility





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