DL Lenticular Cards (Digital Print)

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Size: 210 x 99 mm

Lenticular effect: 2-Image Flip or 3D (front side only)

Lenticular lens stock: 100 LPI 0.35 mm gauge

Print: Full colour (CMYK) on both sides is included in the pricing

Backside stock: White vinyl

Trim: Square or round corners

Finished thickness: ~0.45 mm

Proofing: Online approval 



  1. SnapilyPro recommend customers order a pre-production proof print prior to placing a high value order.
  2. The minimum order is $15 USD plus shipping.
  3. Set up your file size with an extra 0.08" (2.032 mm) of bleed added on all 4 sides.
  • Net size (final cut size):   210 x 99 mm
  • Gross size (with bleeds): 214.064 x 103.064 mm - -this is your document canvas size


Timing... (if shipping to Australia)

  • Production time:    3-7 business days, plus...
  • Express shipping:    5-7 days 
  • Standard shipping:  9-14 days 



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