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A lenticular print is composed of a clear, almost imperceptible corrugated plastic lens sheet on its front surface, and the special print located at the smooth rear surface of the lens sheet. The lens projects the printed image strips at different angles from its surface. When each eye is presented with a slightly different viewpoint of the same scene, similar to how our eyes view the world, then one can appreciate depth (3D). Alternatively, if the exact same image is presented to both eyes, and then refreshed with a new set of images as the angle of view changes relative to the print, then Motion effects are appreciated (Flip, Animation, Video, Morph, or Zoom).

Progressive designers and print buyers are able to leverage lenticular print's unique effects to impress their customers with a highly distinctive communication and marketing tool. 

Bart Kelsey specialises in lenticular prepress, preparing print ready interlaced files for 3D and Motion effects, and he manages the lenticular manufacturing steps from start to finish. High definition (HD), thin lens, lithographic offset printed lenticular projects are produced in Australia. Production is geared towards medium to high quantities of small hand held pieces through to A3 posters. For customers requiring very low quantities of such products, but at the same high image quality, Bart Kelsey provides a black & white print option which can be ordered online..."Black & White" lenticular printing (from $51.80)

"HD Litho" lenticular printing and "Large Format Inkjet" lenticular printing are quoted by request. Please use the "Contact Us" form.

Bring your creative ideas to life with Motion and 3D lenticular printing. Exploit the power and impact of lenticular print to engage, captivate, and entertain your audience. Communicate your message in a novel way and stand out from the crowd.

Prospective trade customers are invited to register their business details which will assist Bart Kelsey to respond to custom quote requests. 


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