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A lenticular print has an overlying optically clear plastic lens array which projects the underlying image strips at different angles from its surface. When each eye sees a slightly different image strip (which differs in parallax), then one can appreciate 3D (depth) effects. If on the other hand the same image strip is presented to both eyes, and then refreshed with new strips as the angle of view changes relative to the print, then Motion effects are apparent. Progressive designers and print buyers are able to leverage lenticular print's unique effects to impress their customers with a highly distinctive communication and marketing tool that has proven to deliver significantly more impact for every dollar spent.

Bart Kelsey specialises in lenticular prepress preparing print ready interlaced files for 3D and Motion effects, and manages the lenticular manufacturing steps from start to finish. High definition (HD), thin lens, offset printed lenticular projects are produced in Melbourne with products ranging from small hand held pieces through to A3 posters. Larger offset sizes can be accommodated with a longer lead time. Jobs are typically run individually which allows sub optimum performing areas of the press sheets to be discarded, and deliver a consistently higher overall quality. This approach, combined with using premium USA extruded lenticular sheets, results in a modestly higher price point than Asian manufacturers. However, Bart Kelsey's customers generally consider the difference as worthwhile insurance, with the added benefit of dealing direct with an onshore manufacturer. You're invited to fill in the contact form to request further information and pricing.

Online ordering is available for a small range of products with fewer options than our full service HD lenticular printing: Postcards up to A5 size (1000-5000 pieces), and A4 prints (250-1000 pieces) -includes a black & white print on the back. BUY NOW

Very low quantities under A2 size may be offered -printed either inkjet or equivalent to press resolution. Pricing starts at $125 for inkjet or b&w high resolution. Larger format inkjet prints up to 1200 W x 1800 H mm on thin lens can also be produced in Australia.

Large format thick lens, single and multi-panel lenticular prints are produced by Photogramtech in Canada. Such prints using the print and laminate method are gallery quality. Bart Kelsey is Photogramtech's Australian representative, and customers are invoiced directly by Photogramtech. 

Bring your creative ideas to life with Motion effects (Flip, Morph, Animation, Zoom, or HD video grab), 3D effects (depth), or combined effects which will engage, captivate, and entertain. Lenticular print will provide you with a greater opportunity to communicate your message, and in a novel way.

Prospective trade customers are invited to register their business details which will assist Bart Kelsey to respond to custom quote requests. 


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